Credit Enhancement

We create and place highly structured credit enhancement and targeted risk capital products
that provide efficient capital solutions for large investment projects. In each case, the structured product is tailor-made
to efficiently mitigate risk and integrated into the overall project financial structure.

Together with our financial partners and brokerage we can provide a solution for this problem. In select cases we are able to arrange for a credit enhancement or financial guarantee product to be underwritten and issued from a rated commercial bank, financial institution, government agencies or insurance company that can be used to secure repayment of financing. The most common forms of credit enhancement loans are a stand by letter of credit or bank guarantee; however in some situations we utilize other forms to meet the needs and requirements of our clients which are more common in international transactions. We have the preference for clients who have or can obtain a lending facility with their bank. We are then able to structure a specific type of credit enhancement service specifically for the interested lending bank’s requirements to ensure that we are able to secure the transaction to the bank’s complete satisfaction. Additionally, we are capable of organizing both the Credit Enhancement Instrument and corresponding loan.
How to proceed:
In order to apply, please submit an executive summary to the business plan. Upon our approval, a complete and detailed business plan and additional documentation will be required.