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The Property Finance Experts
First Global specialize in residential & commercial property finance, we lead the way with the most comprehensive guidance and consultation throughout the entire process of purchasing a property, whether you are looking to buy here in the UAE. Buyers who are looking to finance the purchase of a new home, an investment property, a commercial office, retail or a new office space, rest assured that First Global has a solution, we are here to walk the entire process with you providing our guidance, assistance and services ensuring that you stay informed every step of the way.
Buy out.
A Buyout from a property finance/mortgage perspective is a transaction where you move your outstanding balance from one financial institution to another.
Equity release.
An Equity Release allows property owners to borrow against an unencumbered (mortgage free) property.
An alternative option, if you own a property which is already financed/mortgaged is to take a ‘Top-Up’ with your existing bank or ‘Refinancing’ your property to a new lender moving your balance to another bank and still benefitting from releasing cash from equity in the property. This product can be used as a great low-cost option to access funds through bank finance, whether you wish to use the funds for investment, renovating your existing property or financing a new property.
Construction Loan.
A construction loan also known as a self-construction loan is financial instrument provided by the banks for financing the construction of a property.
Non-Resident property finance Nonresident
home finance is the solution for anybody who wishes to purchase property in the UAE that does not reside in the UAE.
Investing in UAE real estate property.
The UAE is a hotspot for overseas residents investing into our real estate market as one of the global leading locations for residential and commercial rental yields, one of the many reasons that attracts investment in the UAE from all over the globe. Off Plan Property. Off plan properties are developments sold by a developer directly to clients, usually on structured ‘payment plans’ based on property completion milestones, sometimes ranging beyond the property completion date. This is known as a ‘post-handover’ payment plan.
Commercial Property Finance.
Commercial property finance is a mortgage given for business and commercially utilized properties including financing properties such as retail units, offices, factories, warehouses and many other forms of commercial use properties/units. When buying properties for commercial or investment purposes we are also able to approach banks, secure and negotiate products based on requirements for small building finance, multiple unit finance for quantities of properties being bought either in the same building or based in the same villa / townhouse compound. These products can be availed in either the name of a company, by a salaried individual or in the name of a business owner and are assessed case to case.